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Articles and content cover the following topics: genderqueer/trans* identity, rape/sexual assault, male feminism, critiques of marriage, sexuality, street harassment, etc.

Check it out! I’m in this issue.


SIGNAL BOOST: GR’s First Annual Feminist Film Fest.

We are seeking short films from or featuring feminist-identified and women-identified filmmakers.

Professionals, amateurs, students and community members locally, nationally and internationally are all welcome to submit. The film festival will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on September 21, 2014.

For more information, or to submit, visit: http://www.grfff.org/


Hello all!

Your mod here again. I’ve started a team on Etsy for bisexual/nonmonosexual folks since there wasn’t already one in existence. Please feel free to join! It’d be really awesome too have one group with all the nonmono folks who use Etsy.

All the best,



Check out these rad new buttons I got from Tigers Sniffing Catnip! Absolutely in love!  Check out the Etsy here!

Disclaimer: She didn’t ask me to do this. I just got the buttons and it made my day.  (✿◠‿◠)

~~so many warm fuzzies~~


making a new zine in time for GRZF 2014.

get excited!!



hey friends!

so, your dear mod is starting to have to pay my my student loans…eep! therefore, i’m offering a sale on my etsy shop. i’m going to spend all today putting up new queer/bi listings. i’m also available to do custom buttons if you want something more personalized. (for example: “bisexual dragon” or “femme bi snack queen” etc etc) i can do handwritten, like the photo above, collage style, or simply typed text (which is best for long quotes). message me on etsy if you wanna throw around ideas.

the code is “SUMMERSALE” for 15% off your total order—you enter the code at the checkout page. I also added a coupon code that’s sent to your email after you place an order as a thank you.


please share & boost!

—Sara <3

ps—i’m also open to trading zines/buttons/whatever.

I should have added that the sale lasts until July 31st!

Now back to the bi blogging :)

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bi pride buttons up in the shop! super shiny, super fab.


use the code “summersale” for 15% off <3


The activity for today is to make a top 10 list of reasons that you love zines!

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Some photos from our three-day zine party. This was yesterday, the final day … readings, cupcakes, puppies, good friends. Big thanks to everyone who came out!


More photos from our zine mobile launch! Thanks again to the Charlotte Street Foundation, the Spencer Museum of Art, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for providing the start-up funds for our project. Thanks to Frank Farmer for the awesome introduction and toast, and to Greta Moore for reading from her new book of poetry. And big thanks to Meredith and the gang at Wonder Fair for hosting us! Fun times!