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i made a new print and my roommates tigerssniffingcatnip and drewdamron brought home their new kitten. life is too good today.

my new kitten! her name is potato <3


quick little experiment linocut, first time printing in multiple colors, i think i’ll be trying this again soon!


This comic first appeared in the “Your First” anthology zine that sarabearcomics put together in 2013.  The theme was ‘your first album’ and I thought that my story was pretty relatable.  There is something very important and formative about your first album, and I’ve always wondered what I would be like if I did start off with The Ramones instead of Alien Ant Farm.




so proud to see my drawing in the wild! GRZF was a huge dang old blast. so grateful for all the amazing people who were invlved, and for tigerssniffingcatnip and drewdamron who put so much work into organizing it.


Clothes. They protect you, express your personality, and generally connote your place in a broad social structure. Kate Garman, one of our Co-Op Project members, used clothing to engage ideas about home and community in the Co-Op’s latest exhibition, Thoughts of Home: Each Other’s Stories. 

This post is the first in our series that will spot-light each Co-Op artist. In talking separately with each of them I began to see how their work was connected, not just thematically, but in terms of what motivated them to explore certain topics. So I asked each artist, “where does your motivation for this most recent work originate?” 

Kate’s answer:

I had been playing with the idea of a sort of community mending service since attending the Open Engagement conference this past May, so the Mending project was one of my bigger projects that I was thinking about for the Co-op project, but it needed some work. When the second show came around to this idea of the Co-op as a group, I was interested in thinking of the five of us as a small community. How could we support one another? What could we learn from this exchange? And what would be the experience of this project? So the Mending Project ended up being this very personal relationship with someone else’s clothing, just looking through and touching each other’s clothes was very intimate. Most commonly the wear and tear of clothing is due to our love of the piece, and to touch and repair these prized possessions was a sharing of trust between all of us.” -Kate Garman

Her statement of intent follows:

“The practice of mending, normally done in one’s own home, is traditionally a solitary activity, in which one mends their own clothing. In this practice however, myself and fellow Co-op members have mended each other’s clothes. Through this exchange we have gotten close to the skin, repairing each other’s own wear and tear. This simple act of mending what is broken, has brought us closer.” -Kate Garman

-Amanda Carmer

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Best zine fest poster we’ve seen in a while - nice work Grand Rapids Zine Fest!

thanks!! rachel mckay drew it for us. check out her etsy!



Thanks everyone!!

Check out some of the amazing photos that Anna Gustafson took from the big day!

Thanks again to all of the exhibitors, volunteers, and visitors who were able to come out yesterday! We’ve still got some posters and shirts leftover, so if you’d like to grab one (10 for shirts and 1-10 donation for posters) you can either send us an email at grzinefest@gmail.com and we can send them to you, or you can pick them up from Have Company on Division Ave.  Also, a huge thank you to the DAAC for helping us pay off the rest of the rental fee.

Yesterday was awesome!  And it is kind of sad that it’s over, but I’m excited to take a little break from organizing this event for a few months.

zine fest was great! but i am quite tired now and yes, a break sounds amazing


There was this “Zine Day” thing a few blocks from my apartment, so not having anything better to do I went over and checked it out. It was small, but cool. Lots of feminist and queer zines there. There were fliers all over the place for this feminist film festival in September, which hopefully I’ll be able to check out.

thanks for getting some of my buttons & for checking out the fest!


Marc and I are heading up to Michigan tomorrow. Gonna be sitting behind a table of Pioneers Press books and zines if anyone wants to come say hello. Grand Rapids Zine Fest. Saturday, noon to 6pm. The Year of Endless Touring and Events rolls on…


My intent is to keep dreaming bigger. 

New comic for Intent.com!